Victory concertorgan standard vol.8




Titel: Artiest:
1. Born to be wild Steppenwolf
2. Conquest of paradise Vangelis
3. Madonna songs Madonna
4. Live & let die James Bond filmtheme
5. Ride of the Valkyries R. Wagner
6. A night like this C. Emerald
7. Popbeat medley several artists
8. Let’s get loud J. Lopez
9. Lohengrin prelude act. 3 R. Wagner
10. The boy does nothing A. Dixon
11. Livin’la vida loca R. Martin
12. No particular place to go C. Berry
13. Aces High March of the battle of Britain
14. Dance the night away The Mavericks
15. Herp Alpert medley Herb Alpert
16. Oh, Carol N. Sedaka
17. This is it Michael Jackson tribute


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