Victory concertorgan standard vol.6




Titel: Artiest:
1. Pirates of the Caribbean H. Zimmer
2. Baker street G. Rafferty
3. Wonderwall Oasis
4. My baby just cares for me N. Simone
5. Les muettes de Portici D. Auber
6. Porgy & Bess selection G. Gershwin
7. Grace Kelly Mika
8. Hips don\’t lie Shakira
9. Harry Potter theme J. Williams
10. Oberon ouverture C.M. von Weber
11. This is my life S. Bassey
12. Tequila The Champs
13. Downtown P. Clark
14. Toccata en Fuga J.S.Bach
15. Pinball wizard The Who
16. House of the rising sun The Animals
17. A tribute to Queen F. Mercury



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