Victory concertorgan standard vol.2




Titel: Artiest:
1. Telstar Tornadoes
2. Eloïse Barry Ryan
3. If I had a hammer Trini Lopez
4. Another day in paradise Phil Collins
5. The phantom of the opera Andrew lloyd Webber
6. A whiter shade of pale Procol Harum
7. Orpheus in der Unterwelt J. Offenbach
8. Gimme dat ding Hammonds/Hazzlewood
9. If you leave me now Chicago
10. Sabredance A Katchatoerian
11. La gazza ladra G. Rossini
12. the pink panther H Manchini
13. the final countdown Europe
14. River deep mountain high J. Fogerty
15. Chariots of fire Vangelis
16. Jungle book Sherman/Sherman
17. Flashdance Sambello/Matkosky
18. Looney tunes Friend/Franklin
19. I\’ll go where the music takes me Tina Turner
20. zambesi (trad)



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