Victory Special vol. 12




Titel: Artiest:
1. Right back where you started from Maxine Nightingale
2. Don’t go breaking my heart Elton John
3. Your song Elton John
4. Things Mike Reed
5. Julia/Zelfs je naam is mooi Henk Westbroek
6. Lola’s theme The Shapeshifters
7. Nursery samba
8. Bungee jump boogie Tom Meijer
9. One moment in time Whitney Houston
10. Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight Earth & Fire
11. Yaketi sax Benny Hill theme
12. Hello Lionel Ritchie
13. Il Pleut Toon Hermans
14. I’m still standing Elton John
15. Hot stuff Doug von Home
16. Rock DJ Robbie Williams
17. I don’t feel like dancing The scissor sisters
18. Nikita Elton John
19. België Het goede doel
20. Hengel fox Tom Meijer
21. Theme of the odd couple Neil Hefti
22. The Simpsons Movie theme
23. I never promised you a rose garden Lynn. Andersson
24. I love to boogie T. Rex
25. I want it that way Backstreet boys
26. When you tell me that you love me Diana Ross
27. What’s new pussycat Tom Jones
28. Fairground preservation boogie
29. Mickey mouse march Theme song


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