Filmthemes in Concert



Titel: Artiest:
1. Titanic Celine Dion
2. Pirates of the Caribbean Hans Zimmer
3. Starwars
4. Soldier of Orange Rogier van Otterloo
5. Mission Impossible Lalo Schifrin
6. Hot Stuff
7. Thunderbirds theme Barry Gray
8. Chariots of fire Vangelis
9. Goldfinger Shirley Bassey
10. A bridge too far John Addison
11. A brand new day The Wiz
12. Staying alive Gibb/Gibb
13. Harry Potter John Williams
14. Diamonds are forever John Barry
15. The greatest show on earth Victor Young
16. The longest day Maurice Jarre
17. The magnificent seven E. Bernstein
18. The oriënt expresse Mohr
19. James Bond theme John Barry
20. The Simpsons
21. War of the world Jef Wayne
22. Workin\’nine to five Dolly Parton
23. Jurassic Parc John Williams
24. The pink panther Henri Mancini
25. Night fever Gibb/Gibb
26. The thin red line march G. Razenberg
27. Those magnficent men in their flying machines
28. Singing in the rain Fred Brown
29. Jungle book Sherman/Sherman


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