Famous Marches in Concert



Titel: Artiest:
1. Florentiner march (swingmarch) Julius Fucik
2. Folies Bergére Paul Lincke
3. The greatest show on earth Victor Young
4. Sons of the brave Thomas Bidgood
5. Flying Hawks Abel Frans
6. Crusadermarch J. Ph. Sousa
7. Il Pleut Toon Hermans
8. Berliner Luft Paul Lincke
9. Turkish march W.A. Mozart
10. Gladiators entry march Julius Fucik
11. Mars der Medici Johan Wichers
12. Kurz und Gut march A.S. Schollaert
13. Radetsky march Joh. Strauss jr.
14. National Emblem (swingmarch) Edwin Bagley
15. Unter den Linden Walter Kollo
16. Homeguard march A.S. Schollaert
17. Mickey mouse march Jimmie Dodd
18. Lippe detmold march C. Frei
19. March of the 633 squadron Ron Goodwin
20. Sweets of the Hague C. Frei
21. The thin red line march Malcolm Arnold
22. Spaniën march C. Frei
23. Oh. Mr. Porter Louis Levy
24. St. Louis blues march Glenn Miller
25. Prinz Eitel Friedrich march (trad)
26. Kunkelsmarch C. Frei
27. Children of the regiment march Julius Fucik


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