Rhapsody Standard vol. 2.




Titel: Artiest:
1. Rhapsody in Blue G. Gershwin
2. Downtown Petula Clark
3. Eye of the tiger Survivor
4. Another day in paradise Phil Collins
5. Canal street blues Louis Armstrong
6. Hippy hippy shake The Beatles
7. Flowerwaltz P.I. Tchaikovsky
8. We speak no Americano Renato Carosone
9. Bakerstreet Gerry Rafferty
10. Me and Jane in a plane Pasadena Roof Orchestra
11. Aquarius from Hair
12. The timewarp Richard O’brien
13. Chariots of Fire Vangelis
14. She Elvis Costello
15. Da Bop Boris Potemkin
16. Long train running The Doobie brothers
17. Long cool woman in a black dress The Hollies
18. Hot Stuff Donna Summer
19. Two Hearts Phil Collins
20. Belgian Dancehallselection (trad)


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