Locomtion vol. 3 “Dizzy Fingers”




Titel: Artiest:
1. Dizzy Fingers Edward Elzear
2. Abba medley Andersson/Ulveaus
3. All I have to do is dream Everly Brothers
4. Amsterdam medley (trad)
5. Andrew sisters medley The Andrew sisters
6. Foxtrot medley (trad)
7. Brabantse nachten zijn lang A. Ribbens
8. Glenn Miller medley Glenn Miller
9. Brazil Miguel
10. Le gamin de Paris Yves Montand
11. Koffie koffie J. Holshuizen
12. Let\’s twist again Chubby Checker
13. Mexico Elvis Presley
14. Quickstep medley Various artists
15. When the saints James M. Milton
16. Puppet on a string Sandie Shaw
17. Scott Joplin medley Scott Joplin
18. American folksongs medley Various Artists
19. Diana Paul Anka
20. Come follow the band Coleman
21. Amor amor Arno Elias


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