Festivals and Events

The Victory on Tour society travels all over Europe to entertain visitors of different events and shows. Please do not hesitate to ask what we can do for your event.
Exhibiting and entertaining of major events is one of the main purposes and most important task of the Victory on Tour society. We want to make it possible that mechanical music instruments of outstanding quality are available and in reach for all possible events and its visitors. The Victory on Tour society is able to offer the best possible mechanical organs for every occasion, in a matching size. For us its important an organizer knows how to recognize quality instruments and also quality in the performances and music. We do travel to events to entertain the public, if possible for longer periods. To archief this we’ve developed a modern system of presentation that guarantees an optimum result. Also at the moments the weathergods are not with us, we’re still able to present our sets complete and without concessions.

Next to this we have developed over the years some special sideshows. In the UK, the Victory on Tour crew, presents special concerts on which the organs and matching videoclips are presented in an exact synchronized show. The maximum so far is three mechanical organs plus two gigant size beamerscreens.
In France we present specialized fireworkdisplays, steered directly by the organs. For this we work together closely with specialized local companies. A professional fireworkshow is arranged many months in front of the event, exactly matching on the music. On location the instruments will be connected to a PA system by the Victory on Tour crew. Some major parts of this system will be delivered by RBA rentals.