Sixties in Concert



Titel: Artiest:
1. Sixties medley Various artists
2. Walking back to happiness Helen Shapiro
3. Beatles medley The Beatles
4. Aquarius Hair
5. Penny Lane The Beatles
6. Apache The Shadows
7. A whiter shade of pale Procol Harum
8. No milk today Herman\’s Hermits
9. Beach Boys medley The Beach Boys
10. California dreaming The mamas and the papas
11. My way F. Sinatra
12. Michelle The Beatles
13. Runaway Del Shannon
14. Stop in the name of love The Supremes
15. Wonderful world Sam Cooke
16. Satisfaction Rolling Stones
17. Thunderbirds theme TV theme song
18. Edith Piaf medley Edith Piaf
19. Little green bag George Baker selection
20. Red sails in the sunset Fats Domino
21. Simon & Garfunkel medley P. Simon/ A. Garfunkel
22. Baby elephant walk Henri Mancini
23. Eleanor Rigby P. Mc Cartney
24. Telstar The Tornadoes
25. Eloïse Barry Ryan


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