Rhapsody Standard vol. 1.




Titel: Artiest:
1. Twenties hits selection Various artists
2. Ain’t misbehaven Fats waller
3. Carrillion medley (trad)
4. Swing, mr. Charlie Robinson/Brooks/Taylor
5. Tango medley (trad)
6. Swing medley’s Various artists
7. Sidney Torch medley Sidney Torch
8. Quickstep medley Various artists
9. Stomping at the Savoy Benny Goodman
10. Dancehallselection (trad)
11. Little boogie Louis Somers
12. Al Jolson medley Al Jolson
13. Telstar The Tornadoes
14. Cole Porter songs Cole Porter
15. Favourites of yesterday (trad)
16. House of the rising sun The Animals
17. Scott Joplin ragtime selection Scott Joplin
18. National Emblem swing march Edwin Bagley
19. Vesperi Siciliani Guiseppe Verdi


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