Locomtion vol. 4 “Grease”




Titel: Artiest:
1. Grease Gibb/Gibb
2. Meet me in St. Louis Hugh Martin
3. Oh Marie Louis Prima
4. Anna Baiao Roman Vatro
5. Carnaval de Venice Niccolo Pagganini
6. Chiribiribin Adolphe Adam
7. Espagnola Joaquin Malats
8. Foot tapper Chr. Norton
9. Help yourself Donida/Rapetti
10. La java Ch. Trénet
11. Let’s all go to the musichall R. Butler
12. Limbo rock Chubby Checker
13. The peanut vendor Moisés Simons
14. Rock-a-bye your baby with a dixie melody Jean Schwartz
15. Sombreros et mantilles Chanty/Vaissade
16. That’s amore Harry Warren
17. Zambesi Nico Carnsten
18. It’s not unusual Les Reed
19. Tea for two Vincent Youmans
20. Swanee G. Gershwin
21. Secret love Jack Cortner
22. Rumbah Tambah Lecuona Cuban boys
23. Millions d’harlequin D. Riccardo
24. La vague H. Duparc
25. Apache The Shadows
26. Sunshire medley Various artists
27. Come back to sorrento Thomas Keyes
28. I never promised you a rosegarden Lynn Andersson
29. Quanta la gusta Ray Gilbert
30. la misma vaina N. Paik


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